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Central Langley Pet Hospital

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Fear Free


We are proud to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team that are dedicated to caring for your pet’s emotional well-being, as well as his or her physical well-being. Does your pet show signs of stress and anxiety before arriving at the veterinary office? If so we would like to welcome you to a Fear Free Veterinary Experience!

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Our Fear Free Philosophy

Once you arrive, you’ll be brought into an exam room that was prepared specially for your pet. He or she will be given time to explore and relax a little before seeing the doctor. Special pheromones are infused throughout the room and even sprayed on any blankets or towels that are used during the exam. Only dogs and cats can smell them; these pheromones are clinically proven to help reduce the stress a pet may feel during a veterinary exam.

Unless it’s medically inappropriate, we’ll be giving your pet lots of treats during the visit. Bringing your pet into the appointment hungry and with their favorite foods, treats, and toys can help us greatly to achieve this! Please bring along your pet’s favorite treats, food, and toys to make the visit easier for them.

Fear Free Forms

To give us some information about your pet's emotional well-being, please fill out our Fear Free Report and our Pre-visit Questionnaire!

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Experience Fear Free

Keeping our voices low and calm, and not using force to examine, test, or treat your pet is how we accomplish Fear Free visits at Central Langley Pet Hospital. We use gentle control techniques, innovative tools, and medication(s) when necessary to ensure your pet’s emotional health isn’t sacrificed for the sake of medical care.

Some pets prefer to be examined up high on a table, in your lap, in their carrier, or on the floor. We aim to be where your pet is most comfortable.

Fear Free is a kinder, gentler way to handle your pet. It makes visits easier for them and you! We never want your pet to be afraid to see us and want their experience to be the most positive one possible.

Fear Free for Dogs & Cats

Learn about how the Central Langley staff provides a Fear Free experience for dogs and cats.