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Central Langley Pet Hospital

A photo of a Yorkie being checked out by a veterinary professional while being held by its pet parent


Man with gloves on holding guinea pig

Our protocols

​At Central Langley Pet Hospital, we fully understand that having your loved family member undergo surgery can be stressful on both you and your pet. Our aim is to provide confident and comforting care to both you and your pet. Also to ensure that you feel that your loved one is in excellent hands. 

With modern medical technology, thorough examinations, laboratory diagnostic testing, and newer, and safer medications than were previously available to us, we are able to provide low-risk veterinary anesthetic protocols that yield comfortable and effective results for your family pet. 

We offer a variety of surgical procedures at our hospital, from routine to specialized. Please contact us for more information!

Hot Dog Patient Warming Unit

We love our Hot Dog, and so do our patients!

​Keeping your family member comfortable and warm is of utmost importance to us.  By utilizing our "Hot Dog" Patient Warming System, your pet can be kept cozy at an ideal temperature during their general anesthesia procedure and/or hospitalization with us.  These environmentally-friendly heating blankets have multiple settings, to adjust to any patient's specific needs, and function very quietly, so as not to disturb any furry friend that may be on our system.

What We Offer

IV Catheter and Fluids

An IV is crucial for general anesthetics. By having direct access to a vein, we are ensuring a port to a vein is immediately available. Your pet will be hydrated; maintaining their blood pressure and ensuring perfusion throughout the body is at an optimal level for your family pet. ​Pets will be sedated or have a cream applied that numbs the area before a catheter is placed so they do not feel this.

Anesthetic Monitoring

Monitoring your pet’s vital signs, heart rate, breathing rate, as well as blood pressure is critical during any anesthetic. To ensure your pet's safety, this is constantly monitored and recorded while your pet is under general anesthesia. This is performed by fully trained and registered veterinary technologists and assistants, as well as recorded in your pet's record for future accessibility and reference.

Pain Control & Comfort

Our veterinarians utilize a multi-system pain control plan to ensure the comfort of every pet that undergoes a procedure at our hospital. This type of plan uses different medications to combat different types of pain and guarantees as little discomfort as possible. Pain medication is sent home with every procedure for continued comfort. Pets will heal much faster and feel much better with pain control medication.